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Swimming lessons and some other random things

Just popping in with a quick and extremely random post. Guilt made me do it. So guess what I had yesterday?

The good/bad stuff.
The good/bad stuff.

It was barely my fault. I hadn’t had one since my July post, and have gotten used to not having Powerade in my life. I’ve replaced it with more water (goal #1), coconut water, matcha green tea latte, and an occasional Vitamin Water and bai. However, we were at One’s looong afternoon softball game, and it was warm and I was thirsty. I also wanted to be hydrated for my race today, and Bill bought it for me. Who am I to waste money and generous actions?

It just made me laugh. I don’t like being extreme about any type of food. And just like Coke Zero, a couple Powerades during the year won’t kill me. I am super proud of myself for breaking the addiction though. I’m in a good position to moderate now.

I also had coffee for the first time in two months this week. I wasn't trying to refrain because #coffeeislife, my stomach just hadn't been cooperating. Tall soy mistos for life!
I also had coffee for the first time in two months this week. I wasn’t trying to abstain because #coffeeislife; my stomach just hadn’t been cooperating. Soy mistos forever!

Moving on to other amazing things:


For posterity. True that it was Bill’s easy run and my tempo run, but still, will there ever be a run again where I log in a faster time than him? Answer: no.

Finally, did I tell you guys that Bill got me swimming lessons for my birthday? I’d been mentioning that I would love to have a coach watch me swim, work on my stroke efficiency, and just generally correct any of my self taught improper swimming techniques. I guess he was listening because he got me six 30 minute private swimming lessons with the head of swimming/masters swimming coach at the Y. What an awesome gift!

Also an awesome gift: the start of fall weather. Barely there but I know it's coming.
Also an awesome gift: the start of fall weather. Barely there but I know it’s coming.

I had my first lesson on Friday. I can already tell that I’m going to love these lessons and get so much out of them. The coach watched me swim a couple of laps and basically told me that I was working way too hard. We worked on my technique from the beginning by focusing on body position in the pool and body/core position during the freestyle stroke. It was so amazingly helpful. I LOVE how he is breaking the stroke down into basic basics. It is exactly what I wanted out of a class.

I only swim once a week, but it is an important part of my cross training routine. It is so nice to give my legs, hips, knees and feet a break from pounding the pavement. Swimming can be relaxing (and that is usually how I choose to spend my swimming day – nice and easy), but it can also be a great workout for your upper body and core, which I love. If you want to work the legs too, throw in some kick board drills and feel the burn. It is shocking how hard my legs work without my shoulders and arms “working way too hard.” Ha.

Have you ever taken a lesson as an adult for swimming or other sport?

How do you feel about food rules? Are you an abstainer or a moderator? Definitely a moderator here (unless kettle corn is involved), but Bill is an abstainer.