Summertime and stinky clothes

I can’t believe it’s almost July. Why does summer always fly by? We have been loving the no school attitude around here. My big girls spent the first week of summer break in fun camps  – my oldest at a Harry Potter themed camp at the Orlando Repertory Theater, and my middle at the Naturalist Camp at Mead Gardens. My obsessed-with-magic- performer loved the REP, and my explorer-not-afraid-to-get-dirty-animal-lover was in her element outside and learning about nature and animals all day long. She even took us on a private tour of the the Gardens the week after her camp.

The girls at Mead Gardens. Side note: Love my Orlando neighborhoods shirt.

We saw a woodpecker, giant grasshopper and turtles on our visit. We checked out the new boardwalk too. It was fun to explore another new-to-us place in our hometown.

Huge grasshoppers at Mead Gardens

The last week and a half have been low key relaxing weeks at home – my favorite!! No daily rush to get the kids out the door in the morning. No interrupting our Mad Men binge session at night to make lunches. No frantically trying to get everything done in between two different school drop off and pick ups and after school activities. Lots of time spent in rocking chairs on our front porch reading the newspaper and sipping my cold brew coffee while the kids run through the sprinklers. Lots of time watching the girls swim in the pool. Lots of time spent getting together with good friends, old friends, new friends. Lots of green-egging, summer beverages (hello again white wine), and ice cream. Lots of late nights and early mornings but not in a bad and exhausting way. Summer is kind of my favorite. 

The girls and their cousins and summatime

One thing that is not my favorite: acclimating to the stifling temperature and humidity during my runs. I was REALLY hurting 3-4 weeks ago when summer rolled in, wondering how my easy runs were thirty seconds per mile slower with the same effort. Maybe even more effort. I feel like my long runs are still slower and harder than normal, but otherwise I think I’ve adjusted.

I didn’t spend too much time being bothered about being slower and adjusting when I got to see morning skies like this. Love when the sun rises on one side of the lake and the moon is bright on the other.

Speaking of stifling, let’s discuss the stench and nastiness of clothes post-run. After even a short and easy run in this summer weather my clothes are completely soaking wet and must immediately come off after I get home. Sorry kids, breakfast can wait. Maybe you are awesome and you immediately wash your clothes, but washing exercise clothes may not happen for several days in my house. Last summer when Bill was marathon training we discovered that even after washing our exercise clothes, they still smelled bad. There was no way we could afford for both of us to completely replace our running wardrobe so we did some research to find out if there was any way to save our clothes.

It turns out that the moisture-wicking fibers in our clothing, great for drawing moisture away from our bodies, was trapping the natural-occuring bacteria in our sweat and causing the hard-to-get-rid-of stench. Gross, right? There is a ton of information about this on the web and a lot of suggestions for how to get rid of the odors in this type of clothing. This is what we have done and it works – not perfectly but pretty well:

After removing the clothing we immediately rinse it in cold water, wring it out and hang it on a drying rack in our bathtub. It’s now a fixture in our bathroom and I don’t think of the tub for anything other than drying our running clothes. Anyway, after the clothes are completely dry, we thrown them in a separate laundry basket for exercise clothes only. Then, about an hour before washing them in the washing machine we (I) dump them in the kids’ bathtub or a bucket filled with water and 1-1.5 cups of vinegar. Let them soak. I then wring them out and wash them in the washing machine – cold cycle with not too much detergent.  I’ve heard that any excess soap can get trapped in the fibers and contribute to the odor. After that, I hang the clothes to dry on yet another drying rack. So yes, I hate washing exercise clothes.

We go through a lot of vinegar.

I just spent half of this post discussing my dirty laundry.

Before leaving you with some random summertime pictures, I just want to say that my heart goes out to Istanbul. I don’t live my life in fear, but I deeply feel for all of the innocent people who have been killed, injured or affected by terror attacks. I wish I could come up with more eloquent words, but I’ve been really sad the last two weeks about the shooting in Orlando, and hearing about Istanbul makes me sad all over again.

Trying to end on a positive note:

Reaffirming that


I just love this one.


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